again it’s been forever

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Going to try to do this again. I have been in fact running a lot. I am training for a marathon. I have been doing rather well even though my shins have been hurting a bit. I run 4 days a week and didn’t drink for 4 weeks. I did however drink last night and am regreteing it today. I dont feel THAT bad but I dont feel great either.

I have been eating like crap too. I am going to try to change that after the SUPER BOWL tomorrow.

If you are one of the few that reads this. Check back for more updates.


Further and faster.

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Well today I hurried home from work to try to get a run in before the sun went down. Now with fall in full effect, the days are shorter and it’s getting colder. I felt ok though. I did some cardio at home yeterday, some ab wheel, and then a mound of pushups. Plus I did the stairs at work again.

So I was going to make a new playlist at work today but I didn’t have time. So I figured I would go for good ol’ BT. I strapped on my 180’s, did my streches, and headed out the door.

It probably wasn’t the best night to go jogging. The Sox were playing a tie breaker with the Twins to see who would go to the playoffs so there were people walking around and a lot of traffic at the park. I started out and did my 1 mile fine. Mile 2 wasn’t as easy but actually stepped it up and finished it faster. After that I just coasted. I reached my 5 mile mark and kept going. I ended up doing 5.52 in 48’28” which isn’t bad for me at all.

Well, as I said, the fall is coming. I mabe have 2 more months of running outside and then it’s to the dungeon. Not looking forward to that.

Yes Yes Yes, I know…..

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Yea, its been a long time. I don’t care this time. I did over 5 miles today. In my book that means I win. What I win – Not sure. I know I busted that wall. I kicked ass and did more than I thought I could.

I have been running a  lot recently. I have been felling good. I am going for the 10 mile November goal.

Annnnnnndddddd again…

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Well, here we are again. How many months has it been this time? I just need to get this thing going and then it will take off on it’s own. So I have been running for the last 2 weeks well. Trying to get in a run in every other day or so.

Today was a good run. I went 3.5 miles. Well if you have ever read my blog you know that 3.5 miles is not good. 3.5 miles is where I started last year. LAST JUNE!!!! The last couple of weeks I have just been putting the good old nano on random and seeing what comes up. Today BT came on again. He can really pump you up. I recommend his music for running.

Now I have been running for a couple of years now. I love it. I am a runner at heart. It is just too bad that beer and delicious pork chops don’t help you run. One day…….day…..

Alright, well the goal has been set by my sister-in-law. Half marathon by November. Booyah, got this. Check back for more updates. This time, it might happen……we’ll see.

I am running a 3.5 miler in 30 minutes. Crap in my book but maybe the story will get better.

I hate treadmills…

•March 16, 2008 • 1 Comment

Well….It’s been months again. Here I am. Still basically the same body as before. I did a fair bit of running in January and slacked a good bit in February. I went jogging on Thursday and it was great. I went 3.75 miles. It’s the longest in awhile. Let me do some recapping and then I will come back to that run.

So I bought some new shoes. I bought some New Balances. My father highly recommended them. He said he didn’t like Nikes because they made his feet hurt. He said once he went to New Balances, his feet felt great. So my legs were hurting a bit and I thought after 200 miles or so, it was time for some new ones. I had been jogging on the treadmill and couldn’t really get past 3.5 miles. I would barely get through my 5Ks. I thought I would be improving after last summer. Nope. So I went to the store. The people were great, helpful, and friendly. I ended up buying a pair for 80 bucks. (This was in mid January).

Alright, new shoes! I thought it was going to be great. I changed clothes, went to the gym, stood in line for the treadmill, barely got through my 5K. Lather, rinse, repeat. I was going fairly often. I thought I would be getting stronger. Nope. My lower legs started to hurt. So I took a day off and tried again. Legs still hurt. Not just a little either. It felt like someone smacked the sides of my legs with a sledgehammer. It HURT. So I decided to chance it up. I said enough of the stupid treadmill. It was time to start running like a real person. It actually started when I went to the gym one day and the line for the treadmill was 4 people deep in all rows. I had enough. I was going for the 1/12 of a mile indoor track.

First run – not bad. Second run – I think I like this. Third run – never doing treadmills again. Now I am not saying that these were the best runs that I have ever did but it was better. I felt my muscles burn. My back hurt. It was real and I enjoyed it. So I knew that I was done with the treadmill but another problem still existed. I still had the sledgehammer pain. I figured it was something with the treadmill but it wasn’t. So that brings us to the last run.

It was a Thursday. I hadn’t ran in a week. My tummy was pooching out again. All the ab wheels and sits up last week meant nothing anymore. The weather in Chicago was nice. The spring has finally broken the terrible winter’s grasp. It has been a long long winter. So it was outside for me. I kept my New Balances at work (because the gym is in the basement) and for shits and giggles I used my old nikes.

Old Nikes, outside, and I had a week off. This made for a great run. I did my old run at the Sox stadium parking lot. It was great. AND my legs didn’t hurt. I think the problem may be in the shoes. I am going to start running outside a lot more now and with the old nikes. Let’s see what happens.

and I’m off…

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So I have been going to the gym just about everyday. I am getting my stamina back and starting to feel alright. I am still sticking to my 5K runs. Afterwards I have been doing a couple machines but nothing to strenuous. I have also been eating better and have totally cut out the booze. So I am down 4 pounds and 1% body fat. I bought some new shoes too. I went with the New Balances.

Anyway, just a short update. Today i went 3.6 miles. Dimmu Borgir fueled the way. They got me pumped up and pushed me the little bit I needed today. Anyway, more later…

2 weeks of booze will do that to you…

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Yesterday was the first day back after a hard 2 weeks off. 2 weeks of Christmas food, booze, booze, and then a couple shots of family time. I was also in bars with my friends who like to smoke 1000 cigarettes a night. I am sure that felt good on my lungs. New Years didn’t help either.
ANYWAY…back to the workout. I started out on the bench. 2 sets of 10 at 135. Bumped up to a set of 6 at 145 and then finished with a set of 6 at 135. Man I’m weak. Then it was to the treadmill, who I thought I was friends with. Nope. It kicked my ass. I figured I would just do a simple 5K since that is what my standard was before Christmas. Well the first kilometer went fine. the second was tough. by the third I had to slow down. By the end of the 5 I was destroyed. I was a bit lightheaded and my heart rate was 185! The highest I have ever seen it. I was hurting.

After my workout I went and bought a scale. It has a body fat percentage reader and everything. So after the first work out here are my stats:

weight – 191.5

body fat percentage – 27.5% (normal for my age is 8-19%)

That hurts. I also went out last night and bought a ton of food. nothing bad though. All healthy stuff. Also NO BOOZE. I am officially booze free. My brother and father are on the same mission. Paul (older bro) is at 217.7 and Pops is at 174. My goal is to get to 180 by the end of the month and 168 by summer or body fat percentage down to 17% or lower.

Looking back on all my old posts, there was always drinking in there. So this time I am going to see how I do without drinking. I am a fan of the drink and like getting tipsy as much as the next Mikolaj but we’ll see how I do. According to my BMI I am obese. I’ve been doing a lot of reading on running and eating properly. Wish me luck…